Some students panic completely on the day of the exam. “I knew my class, but I lost all my means”. Others are persuaded to be weaker or less talented than others, they lack a sense of self-confidence. Other emotions and negative thoughts can also invade them. This promotes stress, a physical mechanism that again sabotages the work of memory, and in particular, prevents us from remembering what we have learned. Indeed, in the brain, the area that manages the emotions, positive or negative, is very close to the hippocampus where sits the memory. Negative emotions can, therefore, interfere with memorization (at the time of learning and recovery). Do you know what emotions it is, click here now
and discover? What makes you panic on the day of the exam? Are you bombarded with negative thoughts that hinder your concentration when you study? It is already necessary to identify cold these ideas which lead you to be able to fight them. For example, there are psycho-sensory methods to fight stress by focusing on your breathing to better live the moment. If big emotional problems (for example family) disturb you, it is absolutely necessary to be able to speak with someone (psychologist, friends, advisers …) to be able to evacuate your emotions. One can also learn to grow in self-confidence practicing positive thoughts to boost motivation and confidence when studying.

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